This is Not How I Thought it Would Turn Out.

I am a stand up comedian.  I have been for over 15 years.  I own my own company Side Splitting Productions.  It is an entertainment company.  I started a radio show, Davin’s Den which was also meant to entertain.  I am an entertainer.  Have been for a long time.

On Thursday I drove 13 hours through the night to get to a comedy gig.  That is pretty standard operating procedure for a road comic.  I slept a few hours and then got up.  Most comics would lay around and watch TV.  I proceeded to have a call with the Pentagon.  This is not normal for a comedian.  I was talking to them about possible terror connections to scammers.  Other folks who are trying to put a dent in the scamming gave me the information and I passed it on.  I also gave them some other information and have more for them.

I have also been asked to get down to the bottom of controversies and clear people’s names or prove them guilty.  I like it because it takes me back to when I thought I would become a lawyer.  I wanted to be a criminal attorney because that is where the action is. 

So this has become my day job (for no pay) and at night I get to tell jokes.  It is the best of both worlds.  The cool thing is those worlds converge on the radio show.  It is cool to be part of something where you can bust chops and interview “Anti-Semitic Elmo” in one segment and then expose fraud and charlatans in the next.  I enjoy being able to entertain the troops and then work with them so they can protect themselves or our nation.

I really never comprehended anything like this could happen.  I hope you get to have something where your varied interests converge into something you like to do.

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