TIS WAS THE SEASON – By Joe Currie (Davin’s Den)

For years I did not like the holidays, it was always something to deal with and get over with, but something happened this holiday, I enjoyed it more than I have in thirty years.
One thing that has contributed to this is someone who has made me see things in a new light and because of that, I appreciate things and enjoy them more.
Yes you have heard me grumble about my Santa stories on the show but I actually had a great time this year Especially when I took the stage at The Brokerage Comedy Club one December night as bad Santa
One big factor this holiday season was family.Every Holiday I try to go to upstate New York and visit my Brother, my Sister in law , and see my nephews and nieces (all of them older than me except one, long story). The great thing this year was it was a family reunion style Christmas and I got to see Nieces, Nephews, Grand Nieces and Nephews that I have not seen in years. 
I have a Grand Niece two years old and Grand Nephew who is one. I have only seen them on Facebook and they are adorable beyond belief , when I would look at them on the computer I wish I could jump through the screen and hug and hold them.  With my schedule I figured I would never see these kids. To unexpectedly finally hug and hold them was beyond joy I love them so much.
Many things made the holiday special and I think the reason is that as you get older you have memories that you cherish and a lot of time you wish you could go back, but you can’t because sometimes those people you shared those memories with are far away and in some sad cases are no longer with you.  
I have noticed that when I have these moments now with family and friends I savor and appreciate every second and feel blessed that you can still make some incredible memories and you make every moment count as you don’t know how many of these occasions you have left.
So young and old when you get together don’t take one minute for granted, hug, laugh and tell each other you love them because life is too short and the biggest regret  in life is realizing this when it is too late.
Happy New Year

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