TRUMP 2016 – By Joe Currie (Davin’s Den)

For over a year I have been questioned why in the world would I vote for Trump???
My reasons are as follows,
He has the spirit of those mentored me. My role models since when I was a kid were Businessmen from my Scoutmaster when I was a kid, to my bosses in the Fencing, Plumbing, and entertainment industries. People who everyday had a vision and a plan and worked to get that plan executed and were results based and believed that nothing was impossible through hard work and not government hand outs.
Trump is not afraid to tell it like it is and yes he is a voice for the frustrated and disenchanted, why.
Immigration, Trump has been labeled a racist on Immigration. Why is it racist to call attention to a problem that has been the elephant in the room for years, and it is not Immigration, and not undocumented people, its ILLEGAL immigration. For generations people have come here legally, learned the language, and have assimilated to our culture. Now people come here illegally, don’t learn the language, expect us to learn theirs, and don’t assimilate and if you speak out against it, you’re labeled a racist. Finally frustrated people including people that came here legally and were upset that they did it the right way had a voice in saying enough.
Make Mexico pay for the wall? Why so farfetched? They have not been proactive on their citizens leaving illegally, most of our manufacturing jobs are there and they are dependent on our commerce. It’s simple, take back your citizens that come here illegally and make sure they come to the US legally or pay the price to stop it from happening.
Trump on Women, I am not going to sugar coat what he did twenty years ago, however I am not looking for Trump to teach Sunday School I am looking for him to run a country. The sexual comments that he made about Women, That is private locker room talk and no worse than any group of guys say together. And yes, things you ladies say when you are together. To the  women who say no we don’t think like that, then please explain the success of the book and movie, Fifty shades of Grey, Magic Mike, Roadhouse, Romance novels. Oh, Bachelorette parties where women wear Penis hats.
To the people upset about how he responded to Rosie O’Donnell and Megyn Kelly. His response was to negative comments that they made to him. And how come these women that want to be treated equally as men and then suddenly get all sensitive and frail when they are responded to as men.  
The allegations women have made against Trump are still under scrutiny.
Let’s look at women’s rights under Hillary Clinton; she takes money from countries that do not support Women’s rights. She has defended her husband and harassed women that had accused or actually had sexual relations with her husband before and during his office as President, and why to benefit her own career. As a lawyer she also defended a rapist who she knew was guilty and then laughed it off.
Trump will renegotiate Nafta which has been a debacle and has cost millions of jobs to leave the country.
He will bring back respect to the eyes of the world to the US. Everyone seems to forget the comment”The Eighties called and they want their foreign policy back” which Obama made to Mitt Romney after Romney said Russia was our biggest problem. Well due to Obama’s failed foreign policies, some with the help of Hillary, it is our biggest problem now and there is no better person to challenge and negotiate with Putin than Trump.
Spurring Business, day after day we are losing jobs overseas and across our borders. Trump is an international business man who knows firsthand this business and how to counteract it and grow it. Hillary does not and only knows how to take money from countries that serve her own interests.
He wants less regulation on business, time and time again business owners have complained to him that due to government regulations they cant expand and grow
He wants to repeal Obama care, which has been the biggest boondoggle in American history. It was not well thought out, it has stopped business growth, it is complicated and mismanaged, and most of the people that signed it into law never read it. And at this writing they have announced a 22% increase for 2017. However we have to do something about health care and that is replace Obama care with something more common sense, keeping some of the fundamentals and making it more affordable through more competition through the states.
Other areas Trump is spot on is:
Cancel funding to sanctuary states
Cancel common core
Spur 1 trillion in infrastructure investment
Suspend immigration from terror prone regions- and for this he is being labeled with islamophobia. If just two percent of the people that are being brought here are terrorists, the potential for death and destruction and the loss of innocent lives is a clear threat. Until we can clearly define and have these people properly and thoroughly vetted they cannot be taken in.
   Bring back law and order-The anti-police sentiment in this country is disgusting and has been supported by Obama and Hillary. Men and women who put their lives on the line and have been disrespected by a movement that have chosen citizens who break the law and don’t comply as martyrs.
    Why would I never vote for Hillary?
Because she is a women? No. I wish Condoleezza Rice would have run
Because she is a Democrat? No I would vote for Andrew Cuomo over Trump no problem.
I would not vote for Hillary Clinton because she has proven without a shadow of a doubt that she is a lying non caring out for herself shrew who has lied and bullied her way to where she is today and won’t stop until she has the power base she has always wanted which was for herself and not the good of the people.
She is incompetent, arrogant, and not in touch with her constituency especially the African American and Latino communities whom she has never helped but just strung along for her benefit.
She has been at the center of scandal after scandal and every day new Wiki leak reports come out about her emails. And over the summer her husband is on a plane with the attorney general right before the results of the FBI investigation.
I can also say the media is totally biased against Trump; so much more has come out against Hillary than Trump and the media just glances past it. It is has been reported and no secret that this is the case as well. In addition when questions for a debate are sent to the Clinton campaign from a media source, you tell me.
Hillary Clinton is running in this race because she is a self-centered career politician that is only concerned her own interests. Donald Trump got in this race because like a lot of people he just got sick in tired of the way Political correctness and political mismanagement has destroyed this country.
    The Republican party is turning against him because they have been too scared to stand tall and speak out and in my opinion any of these career politicians that are backing away and just want to play it safe and not try to make a change or a difference for this country should be run out of office on a rail and the party needs to be shaken to its core.
And the progressive left is arrogant and hate filled and will use racism and hatred instead of using common sense to address the core issues that this country faces.
On election day before you pull that handle:
Hillary Clinton is running to benefit herself and will sell out our country to the highest bidder. 
Trump is running as he is sick of the country being misled and destroyed and wants to shake up and reverse the damage the establishment has done.
And Hillary is the personification of the establishment.
So call me what you will but for the good of the country TRUMP 2016

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