My web guy tells me I have to blog to get my website rankings higher.  I don’t feel like blogging.  I don’t even like the word blog.  Why the hell do you care what I think anyway?  Do you have a blog?  Probably.  Will I read it?  Probably not.  Don’t feel bad.  I mean I might if you send me a link or specifically ask me to.  I just feel uninspired.

I feel like just being instead of doing.  The problem is when you get to be my age if you stop doing pretty soon you start growing in girth and sloth.  I am only typing this because my stupid internal motor tells me I must do something productive today, this week, this month.  Is this productive?  Nah, not really.  Actually this is pretty half ass and uninspired.  Are you this productive when you are uninspired?  Maybe.  Maybe your career leaves you uninspired.  Mine didn’t use to.  It does now. 

I was going to the gym.  Now since I hurt my knee I don’t go.  Maybe I should go.  Instead I sit here uninspired.  Are you even still reading this?  Is this some mindless drivel that you read in between facebook posts?  Speaking of facebook the more I read it the more I am inspired…to get the hell off of facebook.  I don’t care about your cat.  Unless he dies.  Then I will feel bad for you and write a comment.  Maybe it will inspire you to get through the day.

You people aren’t even inspired enough to join the RSS feed to get notified when I churn this crap out.  I’m not even inspired enough to find out what RSS stands for.

Yeah, I think I’ve wasted enough of our time.  You need to get back to work, or facebook, or your family, or porn. I need to tell people that I posted this so I can feel good about myself when the views go up on my blog.  Maybe your interest will inspire me.  It might.  At least for a little while.  Well if I was a fortune cookie I might have something more inspirational for you right about….here.  Well I am no fortune cookie but I am hungry.  I should probably cook dinner.  Nah, I’m too uninspired.  Looks like it is leftovers tonight.  The dinner of the true uninspired.

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