People are sick of Christmas displays in stores while they are still wearing shorts and tank tops. Christmas music playing before Thanksgiving is abhorrent. Retailers desperate to make sales go into Christmas overdrive earlier and earlier each year, and by spreading out the Christmas season,  it makes the effect far less magical. We are sick of Christmas by the time it actually rolls around.

Because of all that, I understand that people become intolerant of early Christmas displays in their own neighborhoods. In the neighborhood next to mine, there is an old man who fills every inch of his yard with light-up toy soldiers, snowmen and Santas. Literally every inch. And he starts putting out his display earlier and earlier. He was set up by September this year.

I understand that people string up their lights while the good weather holds, and they don’t actually light them up until December. That is prudent. The people in the story we are talking about on the show set up their small display early because the wife is heavily pregnant, and they wanted to get it done while they still could. That seems sensible enough.

As long as the early preparers can restrain themselves from actually lighting up the decorations until after Thanksgiving, I’m not upset with them at all. I think the homeowner’s association should back off from this couple, and be a little understanding. And the early decorators can do us all a favor and unplug until it’s time to celebrate, please.

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