Have you ever been friends with somebody only though Facebook and then their avatar disappears and it is only a chalk outline of a face left behind?  I find that disturbing.  Where did they go?  Were they sucked into the matrix?  Will we ever see a face again?  Why couldn’t they at least put in an avatar of a kitty cat?  I feel like I am talking to a ghost.

Maybe they were never even here.  Maybe it was all just a figment of my imagination.  Am I seeing faces where none exists?  Why would somebody just go faceless?  If the eyes are the window to the soul then no face is a window to the abyss.  According to facebook the great abyss is in large part the color white.  Maybe it is the white light that we supposedly see when we die.  Did my facebook friend die?  Are they merely posting status updates from the great beyond?  In heaven are we all addicted to facebook like we are here?  Is heaven merely one big internet cafe where we all just plink away mindlessly on our keyboards?

If the facebook ghost does mean somebody died then if somebody goes to hell shouldn’t their abyss be red?  Is facebook incapable of giving us a red abyss?  Is there no hell?  In hell do you think we are all mindlessly plinking away on facebook at some big internet cafe?

If somebody goes faceless shouldn’t we have the option of giving them a face?  At the very least a wacky mustache.  What are you hiding?  Reveal yourself!  At the very least put a picture of a sunflower where your face should be.  It would make sense if you were a flower child.  Or if you were a potted plant you would be a pot head.  That would be cool.  At least you would not be a ghost.

I wonder if when a person decides they want to go the faceless route and become little more then a chalk outline if CSI shows up and tries to solve the mystery.  I do believe the face is probably buried in the field on Farmville.  

I do not trust you if you do not have a face.  Maybe I will no longer talk to you.  I think having a face is a very basic requirement for a friendship.  Since I am against people who do not have faces does that make me a facist? Wow I am a terrible person.  I feel shame.  I better hide my face on facebook.

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