Recently there was a woman in the news who thoroughly embarrassed herself and her boyfriend by drunkenly (maybe?) launching into a tirade against some German tourists on a New York train.  For no reason that was apparent in the video, she got into the face of the one man, with the usual xenophobic  “you don’t belong here” trope.   Luckily, things didn’t get physical, but that was more due to the self-restraint of the tourists, and in some small part due to the boyfriend saying that he wouldn’t speak to her anymore if she didn’t stop.

I suppose one could say that this was a “Karen” event, with some self-entitled woman ranting at another person just minding their business.  I mean, this is what our modern world of self-entitlement and incivility to one another has wrought.  However, it seems like this is more like the My Country-Not Yours Racism rearing its ugly head yet again. I don’t know the precise beginning of this wave began, but we are drowning in it now.

Social media is full of scenes of people yelling at one another that one belongs here in the US, and the other doesn’t. My anecdotal observation is that it is mostly white people harassing brown or black people, screeching that they should “Go back to where they came from”.  This of course comes from the belief that there are certain people entitled to be part of this country, and certain people who don’t deserve to be here.

This is a truly distasteful turn of events, wherein a country built on immigrants is turning to other immigrants and saying that they don’t think the other immigrants belong here. If memory serves, Native Americans, The People, are the only ones who “belong here”, and the rest of us are interlopers. And if the white folks telling the brown people that they don’t belong here will kindly notice, the people who “belong here” are BROWN.

This is just stupid. Karens running down streets yelling at workers to show her their papers, people being chided for speaking languages other than English in public, and even visitors being harassed for not being whatever nationality or race the screamer deems “allowed here”. The Xenophobia is completely out of control, and it’s all just rats arguing over a piece of cheese, while the 1% fat cats roll around in their piles of money and giggle.

People who are reasonable can help this stop by trying their best to peacefully speak to their friends who hold this opinion and see what they are afraid of, what drives this mania for tearing into people minding their business. Also, people witnessing someone harassing someone about not belonging here should step up and defend people against these racist Karens and Kens.  This nation of immigrants should stick together, not attack each other.

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