A Vermont middle school soccer coach and his daughter say they were both suspended for complaining about the presence of a transgender student in the girls’ locker room.

“I made a social media post and referred to the male student as a male, and I was punished because I misgendered him,” Randolph Union Middle School coach Travis Allen told “Tucker Carlson Tonight” Thursday, speaking of the transgender female student.

The mistake this young woman made was posting this on social media. It should have been kept in the confines of the school. However, we are in a place in this country where we need to push back on an agenda of the LGBTQ community. The girl gets in trouble because she Misgendered this person. I don’t care how pretty your dress is and how much lipstick you’re wearing and what you want to be called, physically you’re a man and you are making biological women uncomfortable and you don’t belong in a women’s locker room.

Everybody is so concerned of the rights of the person that changes their gender which personally I think is a mental illness, but what of the rights of the majority of the people who have not. We have to kowtow to this alternate life style learn their pronouns and put people in awkward situation, and if you say anything about it you are outcast as intolerant.

In addition, you have someone on the team with physicality of a male which is an unfair advantage as this person is a man and if you say anything about it you’re ostracized.

The word that has always been used is tolerance, but more importantly the word is respect. Respect that you must understand that if you want people to accept your choices you need to respect the people that are accepting of them.

If you are a physically a man you need to use the men’s’ facility, if you are physically a man you cannot play a women’s sport. Additionally address yourself as Mr. Ms. Mrs. Instead of litany of ridiculous pronouns we are expected to understand   we discuss this live Tuesday November 1st on Davin’s Den 6:30-9:30pm et. Go to davincomedy.com and click listen live, or check us out live on our Davin’s Den Facebook page.

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