Yuliana & Craig, The Story Begins!

June 2012, a Ghanaian scammer approached Davin using her picture.


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June/July 2012
A Ghanaian scammer approached Davin using her picture.

July 14, 2012
Davin sends the following email to Yuliana Avalos (at the time she was going as Julie Love)

Hi Julie, Somebody is attempting to scam me using your images.  I am sure you have heard this a thousand times.  Anyway, what the scammer does not know is it is I who is scamming them.  Consider it vigilante justice.  I and my cohorts have done this before so we know what we are doing.  Anyway, I saw the piece on 20/20 that featured you and it got me thinking.  You have never been able to retaliate in any way.  Would you like to help us scam this scammer as a small measure of revenge for you and those who have been hurt by the illegal use of your image?  If yes then when we talk I will tell you more.  If not that is fine too. Best, Davin


July 15, 2012
Davin Sends another email to Yuliana Avalos.

Hi Julie, I emailed you yesterday about scammers using your pictures and how I am fighting back.  You did not respond.  I know you get a lot of those emails.  Usually from some guy who was fooled by these creeps.  Anyway, they are sending me pictures of your kid that are not on most sites that I know if.  There are pictures of your son and other children at a firehouse in what I believe to be Florida.  The children are wearing green pineapple cove shirts.  They also sent me pictures of you in the water with a group of children.  None of those children was your son. I am 100% legitimate.  I was hoping you would help me teach at least one of these scammers a lesson.  Especially now that they are using kids to help create their stories. Sincerely, Davin


July 23, 2012
Davin’s Den discusses an interview featuring Yuliana Avalos on ABC’s 20/20 which originally aired on June 24, 2011. The interview was in regards to a man who killed himself in 2010 after falling in love with a scammer who was using Avalos’ picture. The Den thinks something is not right after watching the interview and wants 20/20 to take another look at this matter.

July 24, 2012
The episode disappears from the internet never to be seen again.

February 24th, 2014 UPDATE
“In February 2014 an edited version with a title change suddenly reappeared on ABC”  The edited version featured a less awkward version of Ms. Avalos.”

ABC Link below:


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