Yuliana & Craig

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The Story Begins


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June/July 2012

A Ghanaian scammer approached Davin using her picture.

July 14, 2012
Davin sends the following email to Yuliana Avalos (at the time she was going as Julie Love)

Hi Julie, Somebody is attempting to scam me using your images.  I am sure you have heard this a thousand times.  Anyway, what the scammer does not know is it is I who is scamming them.  Consider it vigilante justice.  Me and my cohorts have done this before so we know what we are doing.  Anyway, I saw the piece on 20/20 that featured you and it got me to thinking.  You have never been able to retaliate in anyway.  Would you like to help us scam this scammer as a small measure of revenge for you and those who have been hurt by the illegal use of your image?  If yes then when we talk I will tell you more.  If not that is fine too. Best, Davin


July 15, 2012
Davin Sends another email to Yuliana Avalos.

Hi Julie, I emailed you yesterday about scammers using your pictures and how I am fighting back.  You did not respond.  I know you get a lot of those emails.  Usually from some guy who was fooled by these creeps.  Anyway, they are sending me pictures of your kid that are not on most sites that I know if.  There are pictures of your son and other children at a firehouse in what I believe to be Florida.  The children are wearing green pineapple cove shirts.  They also sent me pictures of you in the water with a group of children.  None of those children were your son. I am 100% legitimate.  I was hoping you would help me teach at least one of these scammers a lesson.  Especially now that they are using kids to help create their stories. Sincerely, Davin


July 23, 2012
Davin’s Den discusses an interview featuring Yuliana Avalos on ABC’s 20/20 which originally aired on June 24, 2011. The interview was in regards to a man who killed himself in 2010 after falling in love with a scammer who was using Avalos’ picture. The Den thinks something is not right after watching the interview and wants 20/20 to take another look at this matter.

July, 24, 2012
The episode disappears from the internet never to be seen again.

February 24th 2014 UPDATE
“In February 2014 an edited version with a title change suddenly reappeared on ABC”  The edited version featured a less awkward version of Ms. Avalos.”

The Lies Continue

September 1, 2012
Still suspicious but with no concrete proof Davin attempts to get Yuliana on the radio for an interview.

Email that was sent:

Hi Julie, Me & my crew scam the scammers.  We do an internet radio show and shed light on these people.  Of course several have tried to scam us with you pictures.  We believe ABC’s 20/20 is aware of our work.  We would like to speak with you and help you get the message out that you are not involved with the scams. Please email me back we can speak further. Sincerely, Davin

Yuliana’s Response:


Davin writes back:

Thank you for responding.  I emailed you a few months ago through your site that the scammers were not only using pictures of you but of your son and other people’s children.  I found that most disturbing and hateful.  Were you aware of that?

Yuliana writes back:

Yes they been doing that from 2004 ..I went on 20/20 to talk about it

Davin writes back:

I know you did.  My show had questions about that interview and a day after my show aired 20/20 pulled it for “undisclosed” reasons.  Our show in which we discussed it aired over a year after your interview.  We called ABC and they gave us the run around for over an hour.  Do you know why they pulled your episode?

Yuliana writes back:

I was on 20/20 for about 7 mins in the air ..I have there e-mails if you like

Davin writes back:

I saw the video.  I had my team look at the video.  We discussed your video.  Twenty fours later the whole episode was taken off the internet…everywhere.  We want to know why?  You should be upset because it is you trying to clear your name and now their is no record of it. If you sent me the emails would you be comfortable with me reading them on the air?  If you are not I would not read them on the air.

Yuliana writes back:

Here it is I am on the 2 part

The Video Has Since Been Removed

The Story Gets Bigger!

Davin writes back:

Yes that is the link but it will not take you to your show.  I take it you were unaware of this.

Yuliana writes back:

Oh yes they took it off wired

Davin writes back:

It is off of everywhere.  ABC, TV Guide, etc.  Do you know why they pulled it?

Yuliana writes back:

No I don’t they had it for 1 year online maybe thats why ?

Davin writes back:

No there is more to it than that.  They have older episodes.  It is one of the few episodes that they pulled. Could you call the segment producer and ask why? Would you be interested in doing an interview with me via web chat? I have spent hours and hours on these scammers.  Scamming them, driving them crazy, and researching what they do.

Yuliana writes back:

Do you have a sample of what you do ?

Davin writes back:

Of course. go to www.davincomedy.com If you go to the Davin’s Den section in media you can listen to the podcasts.  we have done a lot of work with the scammers.  It is a comedy show but I have done serious interviews as well.  We have also blogged about this as well from time to time so you can check the blogs. Is there a way you can verify to me that you are the real Julie Love?  One can’t get be too cautious and I would hate to give away my secrets to a scammer.  I am sure you understand.

Within 5 minutes of sending this Google Analytics showed that a person in Palm Bay, Florida which is where she lives went to our website.

September 2, 2012

Davin Emails Yuliana Avalos

Hi Julie, I just wanted to check in with you and see if you had a chance to check me out.  It is a bit surreal talking with the real you while at the same time toying with a scammer from Ghana who is using your pictures on FB. I know you are busy with your two children and your various jobs.  I realize your time is of value but as you know there is a lot of extremely negative things on the internet about you and the father of your children.  With the 20/20 interview erased for all intents and purposes this is your chance to go on the record in your words.  It will be in depth.  It will be readily available for people to hear your side of the story. If you have nothing to hide and are an innocent victim then this is a good opportunity for you.  Talk it over with your loved ones.  If they wish to talk to me to find out if I am real that is fine as well. Sincerely, Davin

September 5, 2012

Davin writes to Yuliana Avalos

Hello Julie & Craig, I am addressing this to both of you because it has occurred to me that perhaps this is a decision that you both wish to make together.  I am a bit dissappointed that I have not heard back from you since our initial correspondence.  I can tell you that the African scammer work we have done has garnered a lot of interest from our fans & other outlets.  I can also tell you that this has lead to an interest in who is Julie Love and what is her story and is she involved.  Thus far we have only been able to hazzard guesses into the woman behind the Ghana scammers favorite model.  I think with all that you have been through over this and all the erroneous things people have said about you that you deserve better.
I am more than willing to do the interview with both you and Craig if that makes you more comfortable.  I am well aware that Craig has had an interesting journey as well with his work in the beginning of the millenium to his outlook on life now. In addition, I am willing to let you promote your latest business endeavors.  I know my show has a nice following in Florida.  This is a good opportunity to let your fans know what you are up to, let people know where you stand on the scamming, and introduce people to your current business endeavors. Just to be extremely clear, my show wants to give you the opportunity to do the interview 20/20 should have done.  Sincerely, Davin

September 11, 2012

Davin writes to Yuliana

Hi, I gather from your non-responses thus far you have not been interested in going on our show to tell your story. Thursday night we will be filming from Anthony’s Live from the Compound. This is a multi camera shoot with high definition cameras that airs on Ustream. Anthony is the Anthony from the Opie & Anthony radio show. They have their own channel on Sirius/XM satellite radio and after Howard Stern they are the biggest stars on satellite radio. Anthony particpates in our show when we air from his studio and is familiar with your story, the scams and 20/20 pulling your episode. He has over 80,000 twitter followers and has been known to talk about our show on the Opie & Anthony show which has hundreds of thousands avid fans. It is possible that if he is really intrigued by you that you could wind up going on his show. If you truly are concerned about the victims of these scams and what is being done with your image than this is an excellent opportunity to tell the victims, your fans, and potential new fans & victims what the real story is. I look forward to your response either way. Sincerely, Davin

December 9, 2012

Davin writes to Yuliana

Hi Julie, I hope you are well.  I have heard through the grapevine that you have been quite busy lately with some new business ventures.  I was thinking now might be a good time for you to do that interview we discussed a few months ago.  My show is heard live and downloaded by thousands of people every week.  I am happy to let you promote your businesses on my show in return for the interview I requested. It could be a fantastic opportunity for you to gain more exposure and fans.  Let me know if this sounds like something you would be interested in. Sincerely, Davin

December 17, 2012

Davin writes to Yuliana

In case you are interested I have gotten somebody using Julie’s pictures to lure men to post on their FB page to publicly that they are not really this person (picture of Julie) It has helped a few guys already.  I told her to leave it up and then another fake Julie page on FB will be offline.

January 2013

Davin succeeds in getting the scammer’s profile using Yuliana off of Facebook after everybody has been warned that the woman in the picture is not who they are talking with.

March 3, 2013
Davin writes to Craig Grant who is Yuliana’s boyfriend of over ten years and the father of their two children. They all live together.

Hi Craig, I have reached out to you before about getting Yuliana on my radio show to discuss the scammers use of her pictures.  I have succeeded in getting one of the scammers to take down her profile in which she was posing as Yuliana.  I am aware that you are promoting your new book.  I am prepared to offer you an opportunity to be interviewed about your book and promote if you grant us an interview with Yuliana. This would also help promote your other business endeavors as well.  We have several internet radio station affiliates that span the globe.  You will be heard by thousands of people all over the world.  In additon people download our shows from Itunes & Android and various websites. This is a good opportunity for you and Yuliana to grow your brands and make people aware of your products. You are a businessman and this makes good business sense. Sincerely, Davin


March 22, 2013

Craig grant posts on his Facebook page the following:

After this admission publicly, Davin’s suspicions were confirmed and he filed a report with the FBI.


Here is part of the report that was filed:

I have personally not been victimized. What I am reporting deals with romance scams based in western Africa. Julie Love’s picture is used by a lot of these scammers. Particularly in Ghana. I have been in contact with one such scammer using Julie Love pictures. Millions have been lost and people have killed themselves based on these pictures. I for quite some time have had a feeling she was involved. Stories have been done on her by the national media and I felt she came off as fake. Once we questioned the reporting of the TV episode on my radio show the TV show was pulled off the internet…a year after it aired. I had reached out to Julie Love and said the scammers were using not only her pictures but pictures of her son and other children as well. I thought she would be concerned. I received no response. On her website for quite a long time she had a method of payment for her pictures as western union. That was the preferred method. Odd for somebody doing business in the US. Long story short I have had my eye on Julie Love and her boyfriend Craig Grant for awhile because I had a feeling they were involved. Well today Craig Grant posted on his facebook page that he has made a lot of money off of Nigerian Scammers. My hunch has always been that her pictures were not stolen as was her claim but that she was selling them. This way they could customize photos and make the scam more realistic for the scammers. I have the screen shot of his admission. All of the work my show, Davin’s Den can be heard online. We generally can only waste their time & money so the unsuspecting do not become victims. I have been successful in garnering confessions from scammers and getting fake profiles off of facebook. I know the US and other western governments can’t do much to stop these scamming rings in Africa. However, I think it would be a boon and a wealth of information if we can take out somebody who helps them in the USA.

The FBI never followed up.

Strange Turn of Events!

June 27, 2013

Craig Grant gives another public admission on his Facebook page with even more detail.

July 1, 2013

Press release issued on behalf of Davin’s Den
Scams and scandals are steadfast in news media, spanning across the globe.
Audiences get a glimpse into the “Who?, What?, Where?, and Why?”, but are often unenlightened to what lies beneath. Until now.


PRLog (Press Release) – Jul. 1, 2013 – SCRANTON, Pa. — Davin’s Den, an internet radio show, explores the universe of online scams, with a great deal of focus on romance scams. For the last year Davin’s Den has been investigating a United States citizen and model that has allegedly been providing photographs to a group of people in Africa, known as the African Romance Scammers. People across the world are being scammed so harshly because of the distribution of these photographs, that suicides have been reported. Davin’s Den discovered a 20/20 interview with the US citizen and her possible involvement with the African Romance Scammers. One year later Davin’s Den challenged ABC to revisit the story due to the questionable and eyebrow raising content in this interview. The 20/20 interview suddenly vanished and was pulled from the internet…never to be seen again. Davin’s Den asked ABC to revisit this scam and then the interview was pulled for viewers to watch online. Davin’s Den main focus is to bring awareness to the critical economic and personal damages the African Romance Scammers are causing. Why would a US Citizen assist a foreign group of people who potentially aid organizations relating to terrorism and organized crime? Davin’s Den dives into the core of the situation, and, often has more information than the media releases. Justice needs to be served. There is something very wrong when the risk of terrorism, death, and financial ruin are the result of people assisting these scammers. While the United States Government claims there is little that can be done because the criminal activity is taking place in Africa. What about the US citizen LIVING in the United States assisting this dangerous group of bamboozlers? If the United States government continually ignores the issue, the only option is to spread awareness. Davin’s Den doesn’t sugarcoat. When millions of dollars are being drained every year from western countries, with funds going to Africa and the scammers, one cannot sit back and not bring light to the truth. Davin’s Den is bringing monumental light to this dangerous, fraudulent crime and if fighting to spread awareness so that Lady Justice brings down a swift consequence. No other radio program is this brave. Davin’s Den wants you to know about the lack of justice being served to a citizen of the United States assisting such devious groups. By listening to Davin’s Den you WILL get the latest details and findings of this crime. You can help spread awareness just by tuning in!


November 22, 2013

Yuliana’s lawyer Evan Spencer files a 1.5 Billion dollar class action suit with Yuliana as the only named plaintiff.

Link to the summary of charges against match.com

Two Screen shots. One of Craig’s site using Jessica Simpson to promote his website.

What are the chances they contacted and gained permission from Jessica Simpson and the dozens of models they used to promote their websites?

November 23, 2013

The story goes viral and international

November, 24, 2013

Yuliana makes the cover of the NY Daily News for the second day in a row.

The Saga Continues

The story is everywhere and Davin and the Den’s PR team work feverishly to get the media to cover the other side of the story. They contact all the major media outlets that covered the story. They hear back from nobody.

A member of the PR team tries to post something on ABC’s website and ABC will not allow it.

November 25, 2013
Davin talks to Terrance McCoy of the Miami New Times.

November 26 ,2013
Davin’s Den goes live with a radio show and in the last hour of the show we recap the whole story and bring everybody up to speed.

December 2, 2013
Davin is interviewed by friends of Davin’s Den the Ward & Al Show on Sirius XM


Later that day Davin talks again to Terrance McCoy of the Miami New Times

Yuliana Avalos once again is the subject of a story in the NY Daily News.

December 3, 2013
Davin talks to the journalist who wrote the story, Ginger Otis. She seems skeptical at best.

Davin receives the following email from Evan Spencer, attorney for Ms. Avalos:

Mr. Rosenblatt:

I request that you cease and desist publishing defamatory remarks about my client Yuliana Avalos and stop contacting her as well.  As you can see from your attached emails below, you acknowledge that Ms. Avalos is not part of any scams and that her photos are used by third parties.  However, you told a major newspaper recently Ms. Avalos receives commissions from Africans who use her photos along with other defamatory remarks.  The video you purportedly have is not accurate as she has never participated in or received a nickel from any scam.  She is a victim of identity theft, and IAC/Match.com and it’s 25 sisters sites are the biggest benefactors.  There are thousands of other women and men whose photographs are also knowingly approved and posted on Match and other dating sites.

The reason Ms. Avalos has not responded to you is based upon my request, as an interview can only damage her case, and that of the potential class.  Any statement made is considered an “admission” and can be used in court against her.  If you have any questions about romance scams or would like to know the names of others who appear frequently in fake profiles, feel free to email me.  However, I must request that you stop contacting my client and direct all future correspondence to me.


Evan Spencer Attorney at Law

He includes emails that I have provided above. He does not include any of their responses to me.

Davin does not respond to Mr. Spencer.

December 4, 2013
Craig Grant posts the following on his Facebook page.

December 9, 2013
The following story appears online in the Miami New Times:

Davin receives three emails from Yuliana

The first:

Hey this is Yuliana

     I don’t know why you are saying all this bad things about to the media I would like to talk to on the phone

The Second:

Hey this is Yuliana

First things first Craig has bipolar manic depression so his imagination is very wild and his videos are retarded . I never been involved in any scam ever why would I sell my pictures to the scammers ? If they can download my pictures from Picasa or anywhere so why would they even want to pay for a picture That doesn’t make sense . I am a hard working woman I own different businesses support my children . So please stop spreading these rumors about me that are not true . I know you wanted me to be your  stationing probably you’re just mad that I never spoke on it .  

The third:
I can speak on it if you like

Davin responds to none of these emails.

Slightly before six PM Davin is about to start a comedy show when his phone rings. It is the attorney, Evan Spencer. Spencer asks if Davin knows who he is. Davin says he knows it is the guy trying to discredit him. Spencer says no he wants to make peace. Davin tells Spencer if he wants to talk it will happen live on the air. Spencer agrees and makes some offer about getting Davin on the Howard Stern Show. Davin ignores the offer. Spencer would like to talk later since Davin has to begin a show.
After the show Spencer and Davin talk. Davin tells Spencer everything can be discussed on the air. Spencer says he will not try the case on the air. Spencer asks if he has met Craig and Yuliana personally. Davin says no. Spencer asks how Davin got his information. Davin says from the boyfriend. Spencer says you mean the one in Jamaica. Davin says he is not some rube and knows full well they live together in Florida. Spencer gets flustered. Says he knows these two people very well and insists on their innocence. Then tells Davin he just found out Davin filed a report with the FBI and that is serious business. Spencer’s closing remarks were “you fucked up buddy.” He then hung up the phone.
Later Davin goes online and Craig Grant posts the following on facebook.

December 10, 2013
At one AM Davin receives the following email from Evan Spencer:
Dear Mr. Rosenblatt:

Thank you for speaking with me this evening.  Since you insist that you have proof that my client has been engaging in fraud I will do a good faith investigation into your allegations and if I concur she will obviously be removed from the case as a class representative.

I therefore respectfully request that you forward a copy of the complaint you filed wih the FBI along with copies of all evidence you purportedly have regarding this matter so I may make an informed decision.  This will avoid the inconvenience and expense of serving a subpoena.


Evan Spencer

Davin does not respond.

Later that night Davin’s Den goes live and reveals all. People are blown away.

December 14, 2013

Davin responds to Yuliana’s third email, the request to come on the air with the following email:
If you wish to come on the air you may do so this Tuesday evening.
More allegations continue to come into Davin’s Den about things Craig & Yuliana have done to people. Davin’s Den continues to investigate.
Still it is quiet from the major media as Davin his PR team continue to pressure the media to cover this part of the story.

December 15, 2013
Yuliana Responded:

I can do but when the kids are in school or they will be to loud in the background . Can I do it at 12 or 1 pm Tuesday

Davin Responded:

We are live between 6:30 – 9:30 PM.  Are the kids still up after 8:00 PM?  I would prefer live but if it is inconvenient for you then I will do a recorded interview and play it later that evening on the show.  Let me know what you prefer.

December 16, 2013
Yuliana responded:

Good morning Davin sorry my lawyer told I can’t communicate with you or speak on the radio station . Sorry I really wanted to can’t do it .

Davin Responded:

I understand Yuliana.  No hard feelings.


Yuliana Responded:

Thanks hope the best for you Happy holidays to you and your family : )

Davin Responded:

Thank you.  Same to you and yours 🙂  If anything changes on your end you know how to reach me.



February 6, 2014

Yuliana Avalos is removed from the Match.com case.

Davin sends Yuliana the following email:

Hi Julie,

I hope you are well.  I saw you were removed as the lead plaintiff in the Match.com lawsuit.  When last we spoke you had said you wished to speak with me but your attorney would not let you.  I was wondering if this change in status in regards to the case has also changed your ability to speak with me.  I am offering you the opportunity to tell your side of the story.  I am sure both your fans and your detractors would like to hear your thoughts on a myriad of topics in your own words.



No response.

February 8, 2014

It is reported Avalos is dropped from the Match.com lawsuit and ex-porn star Melissa Midwest is the new lead plaintiff.

The Story Goes On

Davin contacts NY Post reporter Rich Calder and informs him of what he knows.  Rich Calder researches Davin Rosenblatt and decides he does know what he is talking about.  Davin starts presenting Rich Calder with much of his findings.

March 31, 2014

It is announced that Melissa Midwest is no longer the lead plaintiff in the lawsuit against Match.com.  In the article Davin Rosenblatt is credited with coming forward with evidence that Avalos is linked to African Scammers.

Davin emails Avalos’ attorney Evan Spencer:

Thank you for acknowledgement in the Post

April 1, 2014

Spencer emails Davin:

I only told the Post that Yuliana withdrew from the case as a result of accusations made by you. They paraphrased what I told them and I can not confirm nor deny what you have been telling the media as you refused to provide proof to me despite two written requests.

Julie insists to this day that she was not involved in any romance scams and that her ex-boyfriend has a mental illness that accounts for his self-incriminating u-tube videos and Facebook postings. I have not seen his Facebook page but his WordPress pages which pre-date Facebook seem to confirm a manic personality.

In the event MelTech, Inc. prevails in the case and all you have in your defense are videos and Facebook postings of Julie’s ex-boyfriend without anything incriminating Julie directly, then you may be subject to a defamation lawsuit. Julie’s pictures have been used in hundreds if not thousands of fake profiles and to the extent you destroyed her Lanham Case against IAC and Match, you may be liable for damages she would have recovered in the case absent your false allegations.

You should be mindful that using a video and Facebook posting of a mentally disabled person for your own personal and professional reasons is both unethical and illegal. I advise you to consult with an attorney and cease making defamatory allegations about Julie unless you can prove that she is involved in anything illegal.

A news reporter told me this weekend that you played a video for him in which Julie’s ex-boyfriend claims that I paid her $10,000 per week/month to file/pursue this case. Since I know for a fact that is false, it leads me to believe everything else he said about the case is also false.”

Later that night Davin takes the air on Davin’s Den and tells the world of this threat. He sets the record straight as no video claiming $10,000 payments was ever played.  Spencer is referring to the screen shot we provided on this page. Davin now, for the first time, has a rooting interest in this case.  He decides he will continue to investigate Avalos and report on his findings on the air but he will temporarily stop posting his findings on this page. http://www.davinsden.com/podcasts/

April 14, 2014

Davin obtains videos of Avalos placing her youngest son in a car seat followed by her climbing in the back seat with Craig Grant driving. Would you let a crazy person drive you and your child around? Once again it would appear a claim by attorney Evan Spencer is either vastly incorrect or he is knowingly lying to create a picture for the public to believe. Evidence as usual, refutes Evan Spencer’s claims.

April 23, 2014

Davin finds a direct connection between Avalos and an African scammer. She is on his friends list and among his pictures and on his timeline is a picture of her taken by a webcam. Avalos had shared one of his statuses on her Facebook page.

His name is Don SegzyLurd Segun.

June 9, 2014

Yuliana Avalos creates a Facebook page where people can report profiles pretending to be her.  The page is short lived but she does manage to include in this group a few people who are from western Africa and upon inspection appear to be scammers or friends with people who are scammers.  Included in this is a man from African who goes by “Million Dollar Man” and claims to be the CEO and founder of Exxon Mobile.  The usual postings of pictures of an African man with large stacks of money and Western Union references of course follow.  Also, in this group, two anti-scammers who spoke out against Davin Rosenblatt.  They too sat idly by as scammers or at the least people with scamming ties were allowed to be in this group of victims.

Spencer would amend his case three different times with a wide variety of allegations and claims. From beginning to end three different lead plaintiffs were named.

October 30, 2014

The case against Match.com is dismissed for among other reasons “not passing the laugh test.” Davin Rosenblatt and Davin’s Den is believed to have had a direct effect on Spencer’s case falling apart.

The following 16 images are images of the court case documents regarding the case.

 Avalos continues to live with her boyfriend Craig and their two children in Florida, USA. Evidence from various sources from around the world continues to be presented to Davin Rosenblatt which points to his worst held concerns and worse than he imagined actions are true in regards to Avalos’ involvement with online scams.  At this point witness confidentiality prohibits us from revealing the evidence we possess.  Our advice to anybody coming into contact with Avalos online is to be wary.  Never send money to somebody you have never met in person. Verify through research what you are being told online.

Just When You Thought We Were Done

April 7, 2015

“We play some of the audio evidence that we have had in our possession that was given to us by a victim who alleges that after he was scammed by a scammer pretending to be Avalos he was scammed by the real Yuliana Avalos during a prolonged online relationship with her.”
Click The “Play Button” Below To Listen

Audio Player

July 14, 2015
Craig Grant Posts the following picture:

Scammers start coming out to praise Yuliana and ask her to help scam for them.  Craig tells them what it will take.

Fortunate Farmer who is one of the scammers Craig was talking to, and who is using Match.com to set up fake accounts to scam and trolling for victims.

Wolftiger Weezoo another scammer Craig was talking with.

Where Wolftiger “works” and a look inside.

One of the few people Craig Grant is friends with. An African scammer named En Kasa.

Craig Posts a link to a video about the long since dismissed suit against Match.com and scammer Don Hassan GH likes it.

Craig’s friends list is full of scammers!

Craig Grant’s friend the scammer En Kasa bragging for his partner with a stack of money.

Craig Grant’s scammer friend shown scamming and bragging using Match.com

En Kasa in front of Western Union!

Craig responding to somebody on one of his You Tube videos that he deleted.

Now to the Present Day

January 19, 2016

Davin’s Den aired an interview with a man who claims he was scammed by the real Yuliana Avalos.

This is the interview with an American man who alleges he was being scammed in 2014 around the same time the foreign national alleges Avalos scammed him.


(the evidence we were prohibited from revealing until now)

December 12, 2013

Davin was contacted by a man who claimed he was scammed by the real Yuliana Avalos. He is a man who lives outside the United States. Davin corresponded with this man who we will call “Billy” to protect his true identity. For the longest time Davin was asked to keep all of this evidence confidential due to Billy’s continued feelings and loyalty to Avalos. Just recently Billy gave Davin permission to come forth with his story and reveal the evidence to the world so that others can be warned and hopefully answers can be provided to those that need them. What follows is his story:


He proceeded to tell me where he works and where he lives. He had children and lived with his girlfriend.

Billy continues, “I have been scammed by a scammer pretending to be Yuliana from early 2012 for about 5 months and the person took around £10-11K off me. At the time I thought I was helping her out of financial problems and I then slowly fell in love with her thinking she’s the person in the picture. After finding out in August 2012 that this person was actually a scammer and not Yuliana, I was extremely hurt and felt ashamed of myself for falling for this type of thing. I then come across Yuliana Avalos, start of September 2012 and have been communicating with Yuliana almost every single day until now. During this time I have given Yuliana OVER $20,000 in cash through Western Union for all sorts of things which included helping her pay her rent, paying her bills, she asked for money to help her mother out of financial problems (which was a lie) and all sorts of other things and I have also bought her loads of expensive gifts.

The real Yuliana Avalos has been scamming me and lying to me for money ever since I come across her online just like how the other scammer did. What hurts the most is that Yuliana had done this to me just like the other scammer and said she really loved me. She knew what had happened to me, I told her how much financial problems and debts I had and after knowing all that she started taking advantage of me. She was scamming me and lying to me by saying “she loves me” “I am her dream man” “she wants to be with me” and all sorts of other things. Knowing that she MIGHT be lying to me and might be scamming me, I still could NOT let go of her and I was still in love with her due to the things she has been telling me. I have been through so much mentally and emotionally, I have started drinking alcohol almost every day and have also started taking drugs cuz I felt so depressed and hurt inside, when I think about what she did to me, I feel like ending my life cuz I hate myself, I feel angry with myself and I feel so hurt sometimes it feels like my mind can’t take this any longer.”

Davin offered to put Billy in contact with people who had been what he had been through with scammers. Billy declined.

December 16, 2013

Billy Wrote, “Hi Davin

Early last week I gave her $800 in total, along with spending money on flowers and gifts that week, I found out later in the week she had misled me about what I gave her the money for, which made me feel even worse and I felt quite angry. Since I’ve been communicating with her over a year ago, I’ve never spoken to anyone about her and about the things she’s been doing to me all this time, telling you this last week was a big deal for me. I know I have to stop communicating with her and I know she should not get away with the things she’s been doing. I know she is a 100% scammer, a compulsive liar, and she doesn’t care about anyone. Cause I’ve never spoken out against her all this time and I have deep feelings for her (I know I’m an Idiot and a fool for being like that) but I’m finding this very hard. I will leave this for now, thank you very much for your support.

“I’ve been talking to her almost every single day for the past 15 months via email and facebook. She never gave me anything in return for buying her gifts and giving her money but because of the way she made me feel about her by saying all sorts of stuff to me, it felt very hard to let her go. She was telling me stuff like I’m her soulmate, she wants to marry me, she loves me so much, she wants to move to the UK with her kids, I’m her dream man and all sorts of things.”

“At first when I come across Yuliana after finding out I was being scammed by the original scammer. I wanted to buy her videos and etc and then I simply wanted to leave afterwords. She then asked for my picture, she said she wants to know me and after that, she was telling me “she’s a single mother with kids she’s all on her own and she needed my help with her bill payments and etc” I ended up believing her and I was paying her $600-800 a month cause I thought the “real Yuliana” was genuine and by then I already had feelings for her which was from the scammer and I ended up believing her.”

“Shortly after that she said her mother needs help as she’s being evicted from her house and I ended up giving her $1,000. At that time I was in huge debts due to the other scammer and I ended up taking money from all my bank accounts, credit cards and from my children’s saving accounts. “

“When I met Yuliana I was trying to recover from these debts and I told Yuliana all this, she didn’t care about any of that, she was still asking me for money every week for stuff, I believed her thinking she wouldn’t lie to me like the scammer did, I was giving her hundreds and thousands every month for all sorts of stuff like beds, bill payments, kitchen appliances, buying stuff for her kids like bikes and etc. I then found out about Craig Grant and I asked her about him, she was telling me they don’t sleep together and they are not a couple, she told me Craig has his own room and they sleep separately. She knows I get paid every month so she would start being really nice to me towards payday, telling me she loves me and all sorts of stuff and ask for large amounts of money every few days.”

Billy would reveal that he fell hard for Yuliana as this was his second love. His first love was the lady he lived with and had children with. He was very young when he fell for the mother of his children.

Billy continues, “ I’ve been giving Yuliana thousands of $ every single month and It’s always been like this. Even when I got made redundant from my last job in April 2012, I still had to carry on giving her hundreds every week. I was the person that got her the Facebook gift card, I gave her thousands of dollars in FB gifts as well as cash, whilst I was out of work I ended up buying her the “VanityGirl Broadway” mirror for $400. She would tell me she needed things and she wants things, she would show me pictures of items like a necklace that cost $300-400 and I ended up giving her the money for it and then I found out she never bought these items, it was all a lie just to get money off me.”

Billy reveals that he hates himself and is in a lot of emotional pain. Davin advises Billy to cut off all contact with Yuliana.

January 2014

Davin and Billy emailed again. Billy revealed the alcohol and drugs were starting to affect his work. Billy had tried to move on from Yuliana but it was proving difficult. He said the conversations he was having with Davin were helping to see things differently.

February 2014

Davin tells Billy that Yuliana is no longer in the Match.com lawsuit. Billy reveals that he has been attempting to stop communicating with Yuliana but is only able to last one week.

Billy says the following, “I ended up spending over $400 on Valentines gifts recently, 3 dozen red roses, Godiva signature Chocolates and Fancy chocolate Strawberries THEN after telling her little bit about it today, She responds back to me in a angry way and says to me that I should’ve give her the cash instead. That really upset me thinking I done all that and she doesn’t even give a fuck about it, all she cares about is the FUCKING MONEY.”

“I have video recordings of her telling me that Craig pretends to be Yuliana on her fan page and on Facebook, I have video recording of her telling me that she loves me and she said other stuff. I have thousands of emails of her telling me all sorts of things and asking for money. I must’ve given her over $30K in Western Union transactions and bought her loads of expensive gifts, all because of the bullshit she’s been feeding me and the scamming.”

Davin offers to tell Yuliana that he and Billy are friends. This would almost definitely end Yuliana’s contact with Billy. Billy does not want that.

Davin tries to make Billy understand that there are rumors Yuliana has done this to others. Below is a video that was given to him called gifts from Maricelli. Yuliana wore the blue dress in the video for a porn move she did for Reality Kings.

Billy tells Davin this video has really opened his eyes as he thought he was the only one she did this to.

April 9, 2014

Billy reveals he and Yuliana are still fighting. He sends me the voice messages that were included earlier on this page.

July 3, 2014

Billy reveals he is in a bad place as he just lost his job a few weeks after sending Avalos “hundreds of dollars” for presents including an IPhone 5s. He says they have been fighting and she will not respond to him for three weeks.

Davin tried to convince Billy to break off contact as she is bad for him.

An excerpt from a letter Billy wrote to Avalos:

” I came to you two years ago after going through so much pain, betrayal and after loosing so much money from the scammer, something I never imagined would happen to me. Then after finding you, I loved you and done so much things for you, I was so nice to you and you decided to screw with me even more than how the scammer did. All I ask myself is how could you do that to me ”

Billy reveals he is so depressed he has hid himself away from his family for the better part of a week.

Billy reveals Avalos has asked for gifts from him for her children. Billy has never received a gift from Avalos.

Davin asks how Avalos is able to manipulate Billy. Billy writes the following:

“The scammers make you fall in love with her picture and their words. Then afterwords you go to Yuliana and then by that time your happy to meet the real person and already in love with her. SHE then took advantage of the fact that I was in love with her and was being really nice and caring towards me and then saying she loved me. So from that point I felt happy that I she thinks of me like that and then she gets even more friendly – which is all fake and just so that I would give her what she asks”

Billy describes her tactics to get money. What he describes is just like Romance Scammer tactics.

“She’s like a leech once she knows you’ve got money and you find her attractive from her sexy pictures or loved her (from getting scammed) she’ll then stick to you, say nice things and be very friendly. She’ll call you Baby, My love and Honey, compliment you in nice ways and pretends she’s a really good person. Then she’ll say you make her really happy and she loves you, your her man and etc. That will make you give her anything she wants”

July 4, 2014

Billy sends the following video clips to Davin.

Avalos was charging $400 for twenty minute videos.

Billy talks about Avalos in a very negative way and wishes he could get her “locked up” but says he is not the type of person to do that.

Billy recounts how it all started.

Still remember when I first come across her, I sent her an email telling her what happened to me and etc. Then after knowing what she does i.e nude pictures and etc, I wanted access to her websites and then I sent her another email asking for access and how much it costs, she came across very rude. Then after I got the access, I asked her for the full videos coz the website only had half the videos , she said if I gave her $350 TODAY then she can send me all the videos but afterwords when I gave her the money, she only sent me 2 of her full videos. After getting them, I said thanks and wanted to leave. She tells me “I’d like to get to know you” and to send her a picture of me.

After that she was saying all the nice things, I told her where I worked and etc. few days later she needs my help, she’s stuck coz she needs to pay bills and doesn’t have enough money. She needs my help. I said don’t worry I’ll sort it out and after giving her the money which was about $200, she sends me a picture of her, with tears on her eyes and drops of tears in her t-shirt (All this wasn’t real tears, she puts on water on herself to makes it look like tears, she would no way cry like that) She was saying that she cried when I gave her the money, she’s do happy I helped her, and I felt good about myself. Then we started talking everyday she asked me to help her mother. Her mother was gonna loose her house and she(Yuliana) grew up in that house and she needed my help to pay her mum $1000, and her mum was putting some money towards it and so is she. I gave her the money believing it was true and wanted to help her.

I had told her that I get paid every month so towards the end of the month, like a week before, her emails would get really nice and very romantic, saying lots of things. Then she would ask for money for all sorts of things. Like every 2 days she needs money for bills, food and other stuff. Before the pay week like during the middle of the month, her emails would be average and not very romantic, her attitude towards me would slack sometimes as well but closer to the month end, she’ll get very romantic, sends lots of emails and acts really nice. I bought her son xbox games, a mountain bike as well.

She even asked me to give her money to buy a new bed, she was asking for money for all sorts of things and I was giving it thinking and believing she loved me, cared about me and etc. I loved her from the previous scamming but soon after knowing what she does and she’s not who I thought she was, I wanted to leave and really wish I did then.

At one time I got paid on the Friday and on THAT day she messages me on Facebook at 6am local time (that’s when I wake up) saying she urgently needs me to give her $500 for new pair of glasses because last night she was having a shower and her glasses dropped and broke. I was getting ready for work so I had to quickly send her the money. Afterwords months and months later I started to think she lied about the glasses.

She’s been doing these things and asking for money and expensive gifts for the past 2 years and just been giving it to her not realising what kind of a evil, manipulating and cold hearted scamming bitch she was.

According to Billy this is what Avalos thinks of scam victims:

“Everything that she does like that stupid video saying scammers use her pictures and that Facebook group and all these other things, it’s all just a front to cover herself. To make people think she’s a victim and In other words it’s called layering. She doesn’t give a shit about any of this and she doesn’t care. This woman had absolutely no compassion or feelings towards the victims, it means she can take advantage of that situation. The victims, they will become her fan, buy her videos, buy other things and then if they’re got money, she’ll scam the victims so she benefits from these scammers.”

August 17, 2014

Billy reveals he is still arguing with Avalos and Avalos has offered to lend him money. Billy refuses. Billy accuses Avalos of having other online relationships. Avalos tells Billy he should be more worried about guys she meets at the gym. Avalos still lives with Craig Grant. Billy says he has not sent her money recently. He reveals he is still depressed and using substances to numb the pain. He has not left his room for 3 days.

September 5, 2014

Billy reveals he is starting to feel better. He is no longer drinking hard liquor and is smoking a less potent marijuana. Z

November 20, 2014

In what might be an attempt to keep Billy hooked Avalos sends the following video:

Davin tells Billy to tell Avalos that he had not noticed her looks or that it looks like she is getting fat and old in an attempt to get Avalos to stop tempting Billy.

Billy reveals that at the time of the lawsuit in December of 2013 she asked him to write her attorney Evan Spencer a character reference about what a great mother shoe was and what a good person she was. Billy did not write the letter.

Billy reveals that Avalos talks of using voo doo. There have been rumors of this for years. It is one of the reasons many people did not come to speak against them.

Billy reveals the following about Avalos and her lawyer during the lawsuit.

“…in late November or early December 2013 she was saying how her lawyer didn’t like some of the things she did and about the YouTube stuff and he asked Her to close all that down, she said Craig was furious after hearing that cuz that’s where he makes his money.”

Billy reveals more about the situation he was in when he met Avalos and what happened shortly after they started talking.

“At that time I lost around £14,000 with that scammer and I was in huge debts because of that and I told her everything and it was going to take me a while to pay off my debts. Also around that time the place I was working, I knew in 6 months time they’ll make me redundant so I’ll be loosing my job. I told her all that when I first met her. She didn’t even care about any of that and she didn’t show any concerns at all. Still she kept asking me for money, shortly after I come across her, she asks me for $1,000 to help her out, saying she needs my help badly. Shortly after I met her she wants me to help her with her rent, her bills and all sorts of things while I was still in huge debts from the previous scammer. I was in such a bad position thinking doesn’t she know I’m not in a good position but I still gave her loads of money, bought her a bed, furnitures, kitchen appliances, iPads and all sorts of other stuff and it’s so hurtful and upsetting knowing how she really is and what she’s done to me. I can never forget that.”

Billy explains that originally Avalos told him that she was a single mother struggling to pay her bills. Billy asked her about Craig Grant. According to Billy she said the following:

…”she told me at first they were separated and he comes over sometimes to see the kids and he’s got his own house and etc. it was like that for couple of months and I then I saw a video of him standing on front of the house. I asked her about it and she told me he’s here to spend time with the kids he stays in a separate room and they have to get along for the kids sake.

She use to tell me she hated him, calling him names and etc. After that a month or two later she tells me Craig is moving to Jamaica in December and she can’t wait for him to go away. When December came and noticed he’s not gone, she then came up with other excuses. After that later on I stopped asking why he’s staying there and then afterwards she was telling they have separate lives and they don’t spend together and she mostly stays in her room”

November 28, 2014

Over the previous few months Avalos had been making a series of new purchases including a new I Phone 6, new bounce houses and smaller ticket items. Billy was a bit suspicious of how she was getting her money. He joked she may have another job. She made the following video for him.

December 4, 2014

For quite some time there has been a guy named Mike who constantly comments on Yuliana’s Facebook pictures and posts. Always complimentary. Always says talk to you later. Billy reveals what Yuliana has said to him about Mike.

“Few months ago she told me Mike sent her a picture of him and she was telling me how ugly this guy looked saying can u believe someone would send a picture like that to a woman.”

Billy reveals a bit more about how Avalos lured him in.

“The things she use to tell me is she’s looking for a man and someone who’s going to be good with her kids. She use to tell me things like her kids would like me, I’d be suitable for them and all sorts of other stuff.

One time she told me she had a dream and she was getting married, someone was putting a diamond ring on her finger but she didn’t see the mans face. Then she tells me “hope I didn’t make you uncomfortable by saying that” she played all sorts of mind games with me.

She knows I’m into playing online Call of duty, so she tells me oh my son would love you cuz your into gaming. She told me if I had a big house she’d move in with me straight away but worried how will she deal with her bounce houses. At the time she would be saying these things and come across very convincing. She’s done every single thing with me like how a professional Nigerian scammer would do.”

December 5, 2014

Billy sends some old emails from Avalos to him:

December 9, 2014

Billy forwards Davin a conversation Yuliana had with him about a scam victim who reached out to her.

April 8, 2015

Billy reveals he lost 13 thousand pounds to his original scammer and around $20,000 USD  to Avalos.

January 11, 2016

Billy reveals he gave Avalos money from September of 2012 until the summer of 2015

Below are some more screen shots from their tumultuous relationship.

These are screen shots of them fighting about how Billy treats Yuliana.

Screen shot of them fighting about money

Yuliana offers to cook for Billy

Yuliana says she will stay single

Yuliana woos Billy

Yuliana pressures Billy for money and then thanks Billy for sending money

Yuliana worries about losing her house

February 23, 2016

We conduct an interview with the son of the man who killed himself after he was scammed by a scammer using Yuliana Avalos’s pictures.

Click Here to Listen: www.davincomedy.com/davinsden/02232016p3.mp3

Note: The above link will open in a new window!

March 20, 2016

Davin began emailing with Dr. Tim McGuinness of RomanceScamsNow.com

Dr. Tim tried to work to save the Match.com case with attorney Evan Spencer because he felt the dating websites held responsibility to the victims of dating scams. What follows are Dr. Tim’s insights into the case and conversations that were had between Davin and Dr. Tim.

You are right, she (Avalos) and her BF (Craig Grant) are not honest people. Though Avalos was responsible for killing the Match.com lawsuit. We tried to work with the attorney to save it, because it was the only way to get change in the dating industry. So I don’t have any sympathy for her or her husband.”

“I am very familiar with the Match case. I was consulting with Evan. Because I had a major piece of evidence that he needed against Match – intent. But you are right, he choked and it collapsed. What he needed was to go after them with real people, instead of porn stars and webcam girls – which no one would sympathize with. And once Avalos’ boyfriend admitted to being involved in scams, then the case became weak. The main reason he gave up was that he was spending his own money plus others on a trial that initially looked like a sure thing with my testimony, and when Avalos turned, he lost his backing and nerves.”

 “Since the case is over, I am willing to share my correspondence with Evan Spencer,… most of my involvement was by phone, and has no records, but what I have I will share.”

March 21, 2016

From Dr. Tim

“Going back to the lawsuit and Evan Spencer. I am attaching emails for information purposes. It will also share some of our background with Match, who we knew well. In 2005/2006 we built a system for MySpace to police their entire website’s images. We had about 100 humans at a facility in Orlando eye-balling every image posted on MySpace – this was part of their FTC settlement. We could scan 20,000 images per person per hour. After we got that up and running, we tried marketing it to Match.com and the other top 20 dating websites. I had a conversation with Match’s CEO who admitted they knew about the problem, but were not going to do anything about it because that would acknowledge the problem and bring the potential liability with it, plus they needed the scam profiles to boost their profile count – what they still use as the key value of their service. In the end the service failed to attract a single other buyer. That was what I was going to testify to in the Match case!”

“We even founded a standards body in 2005, but shut it down because of threats from the dating industry.”

Emails between Dr. Tim and Evan Spencer from 2014

From Dr. Tim to Evan Spencer January 6, 2014

Dear Mr. Spencer,


I have just become aware of your case pending against Match.com and believe I can assist you on a couple of different levels.


First, let me say that I have pertinent and credible knowledge that could prove useful, and have appeared as expert witness in other Right of Publicity, and other Web Technology & Patents cases. 


In this case, why I think I can help you is for the following reasons:


  1. I have been a web developer and major website operator for 18 years, and am intimate with the technologies that would easily allow for proper site visitor screening
  2. I have developed online dating websites over the years for clients and can speak to their concerns on these issues (however I have no conflicts of interests)
  3. I hold various certifications in regulatory online information security and privacy
  4. I myself publish several thousand websites – one of which is a major Anti-Scammer website called www.RomanceScamsNow.com – which tries to identify the theft of individual’s photos by scammers, and please note the following page: http://romancescamsnow.com/open-letter-to-on-line-dating-website-companies/
  5. I am also the owner of an Online Reputation Repair company called (Deleted by Davin’s Den). – the very first such business founded in 1995 – that helps individuals whose reputations have been damaged by actions and abuses online, which is also the first such company to come into existence.
  6. I am also chair of a working group known as the (Deleted by Davin’s Den) (see attached) that was created in 2005 to address abuses by the Online Dating Website industry of their clients (profile holders), which I regret to say was mothballed do to the total lack of interest by the Dating Site Operators, such as Match.com
  7. I have significant knowledge of the methodology of the African, Asia, and Eastern European Dating Scammers, and techniques and best practices that could have been used by Dating Site Operators to easily combat their abuses technologically and at reasonable cost, as well as how the dating site operators actually rely on nearly 100% after the fact customer reporting, which many times is ignored – speaking from personal direct experience.  Also how the dating website owners knowingly use fake profiles to boost their numbers of claimed profiles to further lure in unsuspecting victims.
  8. I invented a service in 2005 to help Dating Website Operators clean up their profiles (see attached), but that ultimately failed because of the negligent attitudes of site operators.
  9. I believe that there are simple best practices that these operators could have used to screen most of the scammers and fake profiles from their sites, and that in any settlement, they should have to submit to audits and oversight for a period to confirm their compliance and execution and can help you define what those should be.


I have committed significant time and my own money to try to help victims, potential victims, and those whose photos were stolen address this problem. 


I would be willing to assist you in your cause as well if you are interested.


You may call me directly at (Deleted by Davin’s Den) and I would be happy to give you my time to discuss this.  I truly believe that you will win, and that this can be the watershed even that the entire Dating Industry needs to clean up its act!




Tim McGuinness, Ph.D


Email from Evan Spencer to Dr. Tim dated March 17, 2014

Dear Dr. McGuinness:

 I am writing to follow up on our conversation during January to see how much you would charge to provide a preliminary narrative report of 1-2 pages encompassing the matters we discussed.  In addition, I would like to see if you can assist with discovery of Match’s computer system at the appropriate juncture to determine IP addresses and identify fake profiles with photo recognition software.  I would also like to hire you to testify at trial (and a deposition if necessary) if the litigation proceeds that far. 

 Can you estimate the amount of time it would take to analyze the IP and email addresses for six years of profiles and what type of access you and your team would need?  I am having a discovery conference with defense counsel on Thursday and it would be helpful to have an idea of what we need prior to the conference.  While I am the sole attorney working on the case at this time, I have met with class action firms that are interested in joining the case at a later juncture.

 Thanks for reaching out to me and providing so much helpful information. I look forward to working with you and hopefully transforming the online dating world into a legitimate enterprise and holding those accountable for years of internet fraud.



Evan Spencer


From Evan Spencer to Dr. Tim dated April 1, 2014

Dear Dr. McGuinness:


Attached please find the Second Amended Complaint plus Exhibit A in the above-named case that was filed today (Avalos withdrew from the case as she was harassed and defamed after it was filed). The judge entered a briefing schedule for a motion to dismiss yesterday during our initial pre-trial conference held yesterday. The briefing should be completed in June with the judge making a decision thereafter.


In the event he denies the motion to dismiss, I would like to provide you with a retainer and obtain an expert narrative report. While the case is no longer a class action it will establish the legal precedent necessary to hold IAC and Match accountable for their wrongful conduct and hopefully alter the deceptive practices occurring in the online dating industry in the process.


I didn’t hear back from you after my last email so please let me know if you are still interested.


Evan Spencer
Attorney at Law


From Evan Spencer to Dr. Tim dated April 28, 2014

Dr. McGuinness:

 Yuliana’s boyfriend told the media that they have been involved in romance scams. Yuliana denies this, but it ruined her case whether it’s true or not.

 I’ve attached a photograph from your web site of Melissa Harrington aka Melissa Midwest.  My client MelTech owns the rights to all of her photographs. I have approximately 170 examples of fake Match and People Media profiles where her photos appear.  Discovery may uncover more.  Her photos are among the most notorious ones used in fake dating profiles and appear on several romance scam sites. 

 Other victims of this practice have contacted me but they did not want to use their names in a lawsuit for privacy reasons. If we are successful in defeating the motion other individuals or entities could potentially have cases against IAC/Match or other sites for the unauthorized use of their photographs in fake profiles, and they might be more inclined to take action if we set a precedent.

 I think we will be successful because another Federal District Court addressed this circumstance and found Defendant’s conduct to be in violation of the Lanham Act: “(Plaintiff) claims that the defendants, through the use of the profile in “teasers” and other advertisements placed on the Internet, falsely represented that she was a participant in their on-line dating services; that these misrepresentations deceived consumers into registering for the defendants’ services in the hope of interacting with the plaintiff; and that she suffered injury to her reputation as a result—including, she believes, opportunities at employment. The plaintiff has therefore stated a false advertising claim under the Lanham Act. See Benson v. Paul Winley Record Sales Corp., 452 F.Supp. 516, 517–18 (S.D.N.Y.1978) Doe v Friendfinder Network, Inc., 540 F Supp 2d 288, 305 [DNH 2008]

 I’ll keep you posted and let you know when we are ready to move forward with preparing a narrative report.

Evan Spencer
Attorney at Law

Dr. Tim’s email response to Evan Spencer:

Thank you for the update, especially identifying Harrington.

 We will compile what we have in our collection and create another page highlighting the extent of the identity theft and false profiles relating to her as well for every one’s benefit.

 Would you think it would help for us to put a statement on our website, inviting individuals who have had their photos stolen and used to contact your office?  Since my company is independent, if we do it, it would not be considered lawyer solicitation, but rather a “news” report?

 Thanks again.

 Tim McGuinness, Ph.D.

Did I understand that Ms. Avalos dropped out?  I was offering to speak to her if you want.  Being that I am in Miami, and can better show her the impact that this is having on herself and her son.  Here is an example of how her life is being used:  http://romancescamsnow.com/dating-scams/dating-scammer-favorite-recognize-her/

 Let me know when you need me.

 Tim McGuinness, Ph.D.


The Davin’s Den inbox starts getting more and more updates about Craig Grant.  We have monitored him over the years and knew he was getting involved in Bit Coins.  Many of his online videos were geared towards Bit Coin and a company called Bit Connect.  Grant, Avalos, and kids relocated to Miami and from appearances seemed to be doing well financially.  However, Grant was making new enemies as well.  The rumors were buzzing that the company Grant was pushing, Bit Connect, was nothing more than a Ponzi Scheme.  That the “bot” Bit Connect uses and is a big part of their selling point was not real. It was alleged that Craig Grant was getting paid by Bit Connect to promote their company. That is something that would need to be in a disclaimer every time Grant made a video encouraging people to use Bit Connect for their Bit Coins. Admittedly, our knowledge of Bit Coins is limited.  We asked for proof of these various allegations of Grant. Something we could show you, and have you decide for yourself. At the time of this printing no definitive proof of any wrong doing by Grant when it comes to Bit Connect has been shown to us.  Of course, if you are still reading this then you are aware of his history and Avalos’ history. Our best advice, stay away from them when it comes to any financial matters.



At about ten minutes into the video Grant says they have no control over scammers using their pictures. Even if we give them the benefit of the doubt that initially they did not know their pictures were being stolen why did they continue to make more pictures publicly available to be stolen?

At about 11 minutes in Grant talks about Western Union. That was a preferred method of payment her Avalos’s website as well.

At about 12 minutes in Grant says of course Avalos will take the money. He also says she tells them the truth. Yes she says she is Yuliana but as we have shown she lies about her situation with Grant and her feelings for the men she talks to. She re-scams them using scammer tactics to get money including asking for money to keep the lights on and help her poor mother.

At about 13 minutes in Grant admits she asks men for things and is receiving thousands of dollars. Hardly the sweet innocent girl image they have cultivated for the public. Just hapless victims they would have you think.

At about 15 minutes in Grant talks about how famous the lawyer is who wants to sue Match.com. He said Evan Spencer represented George Lucas. He did not. He represented an adult film company that was being sued by Lucas. He has a small firm.  His website and his abilities speak for themselves.

At about 17 minutes Grant defends scammers while failing to mention that what they are doing is illegal.

At about 19.20 we get mentioned. He claims we hated Avalos. As we have shown we contacted her originally to help her.  We have just shown her involvement in the scams and tried to warn people.

At about 20 minutes in Grant admits Avalos is making money off the men online. He makes it seem like it is her business. We have shown that indeed it was a business for her. He is admitting she never cared about the men she was talking with. The same men he called her friends earlier in this video.  He goes onto say that the only reason he posted about scammers on Facebook was because his name was being mentioned in the law suit.  He neglects to mention he posted several times about scammers and Nigeria long before the lawsuit was filed. We have shown the timeline in this piece.

At about 20:30 Grant says he said he got 10% of all the money that was scammed and obviously that can’t be.  He goes on to say that is obviously a lie. I could have sworn at the beginning of this video Grant told us that he doesn’t lie and tells the truth.

At about 21 minutes in Grant wonders why any scammer in Nigeria would send Grant money. Good question. As we have discussed often on our radio show, Davin’s Den, Grant and Avalos are easy to find. A victim may want proof that they are talking to the real Avalos. They may ask for a customized picture or video. If a scammer thinks the victim has a lot of money they may deem it worthwhile to reach out to Avalos and Grant and work with them to get the customized video or picture. As we have shown in this document both Avalos and Grant were friends with scammers.  How many scammers are you friends with? Most of us do not count scammers among our friends.

At about 22:30 in Grant says the lawsuit was cancelled because of his statements. First off, your damn right we ruined the case. Glad he admits it, because the main stream media wasn’t reporting the truth but we were. Also, didn’t the lawyer, Spencer say Avalos didn’t want the attention the lawsuit was bringing? Sounds like Grant is a bit upset this case went away.

At about 23 minutes in Grant talks about how they were “living good already.” On our radio show we played audio of Grant talking about how they were on government financial assistance. If they were living well at the time, American tax dollars and scam victims were footing the bill.

At about 24:30 Grant mentions how the lawyer, Evan Spencer was spending his own money to get the media involved. We don’t know if that is true but I can tell you that we hired a publicist at the time of the lawsuit and nobody would talk to us. Only two reporters initially would listen in pursuit of the truth, Terrence McCoy of the Miami New Times and Rich Calder of the NY Post.

At about 31:30 Grant admits he has dealt with Nigerians online.  We know Craig, we know. But of course it is impossible for a guy who loves the hustle and is fine with scammers to figure out a way to monetize the relationship.


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